Sunday, October 3, 2010

I might love Target too much...

So, I was in desperate need for a shoe fix recently and it was seriously business! NOT REALLY. I was craving new pairs of shoes that had more move to them. Don't get my wrong, I love a strongly built pair of shoes, but I've been wanting some shoes that bend with my foot... that I can move in! So I went to Target and found these gems... BOTH ON CLEARANCE!


& the new loves of my life (Hannah, I know you'll appreciate these)

$11.99 (I believe)

Hoorah for new shoes! :) I am THINKING about doing a hair and/or make-up tutorial as requested by Miss Hannah... we'll see! :)


  1. I love those shoes. Love Love Love them. And yes please, turtorialize me.

  2. I love those yellow shoes :]


  3. i love both pairs, but especially those yellow ones! the roundness of them and the straps! so cute.