Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Chapter

I've been terrible at updating this. There is no excuse other than I'm a lazy goob. I've started updating a portfolio on the CF Regis Salons facebook site (You should go like the page, it can be found here) & I decided that it was only fitting that I shared that on here as well. I mean, that is part of the reason I made this blog!

This before and after is of a girl that came in on Sunday. She's going through a big life change and wanted to change her hair along with that. We gave her a sweet new cut and color. She loved it!

I feel like that picture is really small? But I'm not sure how this blog works quite yet. OH WELL. I'll figure it out eventually. This post is kind of short and lame, but I'm workin' on it. LATERRR.

Edit: If you click on the photo, it enlarges apparently. So if you wanna, click on it and it'll let you look at it in better detail. Ta ta!

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